School Life

Welcome to Noadswood, a caring, inclusive community that I am proud to lead, where your child’s wellbeing and their freedom to be themselves, supported and nurtured, is my top priority. 

Nurturing young people’s growing independence and confidence through the years is central to our ethos and a priority for every adult in the school. Mutual respect and caring about one another, whoever we are, are at the bedrock of all we do.

Our academic achievements speak for themselves, sitting alongside the very best in the New Forest area, a strong group of schools and colleges that we are proud to be part of, striving for the best educational opportunities for all.

I believe that all young people need to feel happy, safe and enjoyment about coming to school – we’re committed to working tirlessly with your children and you, on great days, on tough days and at all points in between, to bring this belief to reality.

Kathryn Marshall (BA Hons MA), Headteacher

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