Tutor Groups

When students join us at Noadswood they are placed into a tutor group and become part of our House system.  

The tutor groups are like a mini team within each year group and house. Students see their tutor every single day, with the morning tutor time sessions being carefully planned in order to deliver year group specific activities and interventions.

Tutor groups are horizontal (consisting of only students from the same year group) and are originally formed in year 7 with the aid of our primary school colleagues. This ensures the balance between familiar faces and maintaining friendships whilst providing ample opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

Students will stay in the same tutor group throughout their time at Noadswood and we try our absolute best to keep the same tutor in place throughout. The relationships formed between student and tutor, along with their families, is crucial to their day to day well-being.

We have a brilliant set of tutors here at Noadswood and they will be the first contact point for both students and parents/carers – they are there to listen to your concerns, help with any worries, answer any questions and share in student’s successes and achievements.