My child has Dyslexia, what support will they have?

We provide coloured paper and overlays, reading interventions, spelling interventions, support through differentiation in lessons, homework club, and support in choosing option subjects.

We can screen for Dyslexia, which will give an indication of your child’s needs, however we do not diagnose.

What does support look like for my child?

This can be in many forms, depending on your child’s needs. We are an inclusive school and we believe in children learning in the classroom as much as possible. Therefore, it is rare for your child to be withdrawn from lessons to have support. If your child has an EHCP, we can discuss how their hours can be used.

We provide interventions during Tutor time to limit the amount of curriculum time missed. We also have a supported homework club after school.

We have a highly skilled body of teachers who are informed by the SENDCo of the children’s needs and strategies to support their needs.

Children who need additional support emotionally have a variety of support options in our school. These include Safe Haven at lunch and break times for small groups of pupils that find the demands of a busy school too much. An adult supports these.

1:1 time with a key adult, if needed for organisational and emotional support.

Will my child have in class support?

If your child has an EHCP then we can discuss the best way to use their hours to ensure success at Noadswood.

Will my child get ‘lost’ in a large school?

If your child is on the SEND register then they will have an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and this will be shared with you and the child’s teachers for us to review every term. Teachers are given advice on how best to support your child. This will ensure that your child is seen at Noadswood. We are an approachable team with an open door policy and will happily speak to you about any difficulties that may arise.

Will there be support for my child emotionally?

We have a few children who may find the classroom overwhelming at times. We may agree that they can withdraw to a safe space for a short period of time and discuss things with an adult if they would like to.

We also have Guidance leaders who are available to talk to and we have a school counsellor and an ELSA support.

Will my child drown in homework?

We are aware at Noadswood that secondary school can be a huge adjustment. Homework can be a large part of this and can cause worry for some children. We have introduced a phased introduction of homework leading to a full homework timetable by Christmas.  We also have two adult led homework clubs in school to support with any homework needs.

Will you be informed about my child’s needs?

We have a good relationship with the feeder primary schools and speak to each other to ensure a smooth transition for your child.

We also have other agencies working with us such as the CAL Team, OT and Physio and CAMHS etc.

The Learning Support Department endeavours to meet the needs of any child within Noadswood School. We have a flexible approach to supporting children and work with the families and the pupils to do our best to ensure success.