Join Noadswood Governors

Thinking about volunteering in your community this year? What better way than to do so at a local school? 

We'd love to have you join the Noadswood Board of Trustees, to help drive the vision, the strategic direction and the ethos of the school from strength to strength. With a requirement to attend at most 12 evening meetings a year, in person or on Teams as you prefer, (6 Full Board meetings and then 5 or 6 of an individual committee of your choice), you'll get unique insight into the workings of the school. You'll have a tangible opportunity to provide challenge and support to the school's Headteacher and Leadership Team that will have impact for the children and the colleagues we serve, as well as on the way our school is viewed and interacts with the wider community. 


Chaired by an extremely experienced Trustee, and passionate local resident, Alison Munden, the Board takes seriously each strand of its work:

  • Its compliance functions around all-important Safeguarding and Health and Safety, 
  • Its responsibilities for the stewardship of our Trust's financial strategic position and future proofing, as well as the correct and careful deployment of the Trust's money at these challenging times, in line with the Academies Trust Handbook and the school's Financial Regs Manual,
  • Holding the school to account for its drive for ongoing improvement in standards, and outcomes for all, academically and in terms of behaviour/personal development and wellbeing, following our Ofsted grading successfully remaining Good at our inspection in October 2022. 
  • Its duty to hold Leaders to account for its provision for those children with additional educational needs across the school and in our two specialist resource provisions (Physical Disability and Social, Emotional and Mental Health) and for those eligible for the Pupil Premium, 
  • Its requirement to ensure the school looks after its colleagues, and is committed to their well-being as well as their career development and rich, impactful Professional Development,
  • A pride and commitment to the school's environment, its longevity and its developments in line with clear planned and reactive use of assigned budgets,
  • The realisation of the Headteacher's vision to be part of a strong, accountable, thriving collaborative community of schools that we feel strategically aligned with (a Multi-Academy Trust) following our proud history of collaborative and partnership work over many years. 
  • The school's reputation in the local area and beyond - the Headteacher and the Leadership Team crave your thoughts, your intel and your challenge in its quest to remain genuinely responsive to the needs and views of the community they serve. 


As you read that list, did one or two of those strands of work jump out at you as interests of yours? As areas where you already have experience or would really like to gain it? Are there things about Noadswood you'd wanted to know more about, contribute to improving or help with? Does school life just interest you because of its importance for all our young people? If it's a yes to any of those questions, we'd do love to hear from you - our Board has lost experienced colleagues of late simply owing to individuals' commitments in other parts of their lives, and whilst we miss them, we know the wealth of talent and interest there is out there. Get in touch today! 

Drop the Headteacher, Kathryn Marshall, and the Chair, Alison Munden, an email today on: and they'll be straight back to you to arrange a cuppa and a tour of the school - there's a lot of fun and vibrancy to be part of at Noadswood whilst making a lasting impact.  Could you give some of your time this way? We can't wait to hear from you.