This page will give you a step-by-step guide about accessing the subject progress evenings, as well as links to get your device ready and a video guide to show the process in action. The events utilise School Cloud and instructions are below.

The dates for 2022/2023 are as follows:

  • Year 7 Settling In - Thursday 13th October 2022 (4.30pm - 7.30pm at Noadswood)
  • Year 7 - Thursday 15th June 2023 (4.15pm - 8.00pm virtually)
  • Year 8 - Thursday 17th November 2022 (4.15pm - 8.00pm virtually)
  • Year 9 - Thursday 9th March 2023 (4.15pm - 8.00pm virtually)
  • Year 10 - Thursday 18th May 2023 (4.15pm - 8.00pm virtually)
  • Year 11 - Thursday 12th January 2023 (4.15pm - 8.00pm virtually)

Next Event: Year 7 Settling In

Thursday 13th October 2022 (slots between 4.30pm-7.30pm)

This event takes place at Noadswood, where students should go to the bottom of the main block to meet their tutors

Booking opens via School Cloud: Thursday 6th October 2022 (8pm)

Accessing Online Subject Progress Events

Parents and Carers can access the live booking forms via the School Cloud link:

School Cloud

You'll need to enter some basic details, including the email you have registered with the school. You'll then need to enter your child's name as well as their date of birth.

When logged in you can select automatic appointment creation or manual specific teacher creation, followed by the times you're available. Using the same link above, the event will then run on the evening scheduled and automatically take you to all bookings that have been made.


Detailed instructions can be found using the School Cloud link:

School Cloud

Video Guide

A video guide of the process is shown below: