Exams 2021 Update

Dear Year 11 and Parents / Carers,

I hope this finds you all well - as ever, the government changes are moving at a fast pace yet the clarity isn’t always there. The announcement last night was significant, in terms of exams: "we recognise that this will mean it's not possible or fair for all exams to go ahead this summer, as normal". However, this isn’t “exams are cancelled”.

It will be prudent to work as follows, and when the unknowns become known we can change anything that becomes necessary. As such, I hope these key points to be followed are clear and sensible:

  1. Assume that your exams, for now, continue in May/June
  2. Assume that your mocks will take place as soon as we can return – Mrs Cacchi will work on new timetables and we will publish these closer to the time. They won't start until at least one week after our normal return
  3. The BTEC exam on Thursday (and the one in February) continue as planned – it will be a student choice to attend or not (click link) as these exams could have also been taken in May/June (though these of course might not now occur, as per the introduction).
  4. We await further Ofqual guidance – as soon as we know it, we shall pass it on (hopefully this will inform us what exams will continue / how these will look)

In summary, right now we have very few answers so please continue with your lessons and revision based on the assumption that some form of assessment for your subjects will go ahead.

I know it is a really tough time for you all now, and as ever I'm wishing you all my best,







David Crowley