Extreme Weather - Update

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As a reminder due to the extreme temperatures we are expecting to experience on Monday and Tuesday, we will be making some updates to the structure of our day (including further changes to the Sports Day pre-events).


On Monday and Tuesday of next week the school day timings will change to:

  • 8.40am - lesson 1 (arrival at school and head straight to lesson 1 where you will be registered)
  • 9.40am - lesson 2
  • 10.40am - break
  • 11.00am - lesson 3
  • 12.00pm - lesson 4
  • 1.00pm - end of the school day

This structure will allow the first four lessons of the day to run as normal, whilst mitigating against the very high temperatures both outside and within the classroom. Home learning tasks will be set, via FROG in our usual way, for students to complete upon arriving home. For any students unable to leave at 1.00pm, we will have a supervision room in one of our cooler rooms on site until 3.00pm (if you require your child to stay, please do just get in contact with your child's Year Leader).

We will also be changing all Sports Day activities from Monday/Tuesday to be scheduled in on Wednesday when the temperatures are forecast to be more suitable. Mr Shearsmith will update the schedule on Monday and all PE lessons will be changed in order to follow sensible, best practice.

As we've already mentioned, due to the continued forecast of ☀️, students have the choice of wearing their usual uniform (without tie) or their Noadswood PE kit (Noadswood PE shorts but no leggings or tracksuit bottoms). Students should also ideally bring large water containers, sun lotion and a hat for social times. If your child has a pre-existing medical condition or other specific circumstance that may seriously affect their health in this extreme heat please make sure you assess the health of your child and their vulnerability to heat before sending them to school.

Finally, as a reminder, on Thursday students finish at 12.15pm and Friday is a school INSET day.

Wishing you our best,