Noadswood Read-Aloud

Welcome to the Noadswood Read-Aloud

Back in the 1980s and 90s (long, long ago!) young people wouldn’t rush home on their phones keen to spend more time on their phones! And some of us would be keen to sit down to watch a programme called Jackanory, where celebs of the day would read aloud the best in children’s fiction, transporting us to magical worlds, diverse and captivating. 

As we lost ourselves in the story, we’d be developing our vocabulary, our ability to shuffle language around to have the impact we wanted and our imaginations. We’d also relax in to these other worlds, and dial down our daily stresses as a result. 

At Noadswood, we’d love something of that experience for our young people at our school and at our local primary schools - what could be more important, now more than ever, than stories, read aloud that we can enjoy together?

We’d love you to join in with the Noadswood Read-Aloud, starting with the wonderful ‘Build A Book Day’ story ‘Flaming Vengeance’ which are found a little lower down this page.

Kathryn Marshall, Headteacher