May 4th 2022


Dear Noadswood family, 

I am writing today following a series of TikTok accounts we have been made aware of over the last 24 hours. These accounts vary in content but are all linked to Noadswood and various members of our community, including staff and students.  Several students have become upset by the content of these accounts and the videos posted, which range from ‘rating’ students’ appearances to general commentary around various school events, initiatives, students, and staff.  

All accounts have been reported to TikTok directly, but I am asking for your help, as parents, carers and students, to ensure that Noadswood is able to focus on what we love doing – teaching and learning whilst providing well-being and pastoral support for each other.  

The growing traction of the accounts and videos is causing unnecessary interruptions and distractions to both students and staff and so I would ask parents/carers that you please check your child/ren’s accounts to ensure that they are not creating, posting or following any accounts related to Noadswood. If you are unsure of how to do so, please use this guide:  

Safety & privacy controls | Safety Center | TikTok 

Any accounts are able to be reported directly to TikTok via the ‘report flag’ located in the top right hand corner of the video.  

Additionally, we have found that The UK Safer Internet Centre responds to reports of harmful or inappropriate content in a timely manner. You can do so using this link:  

Report Harmful Content - UK Safer Internet Centre 

To confirm, we do not have an official Noadswood TikTok account and so any content found has not been created or endorsed by the school itself.  

Moving forward, any student found to be involved with the creation or sharing of any negative, discriminatory or unkind content, directed at any member of our Noadswood community, will be subject to sanction in line with our behaviour and use of social media policies.  

As is so very often the case, we are aware that it is a very small minority of students who are letting us down in this way. However, as a community we are able to pull together and ensure that Noasdwood continues to be a place where our students, staff and wider community can feel happy and safe.  

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any worries or concerns regarding this matter.  

Yours sincerely, 

Helen Loveday 

Assistant Headteacher / Designated Safeguarding Lead