Uniform Drive

We were delighted with the response to our recent uniform drive as we have endeavoured to return to the high standards of dress that we enjoyed pre-covid.  

Young people and parents and carers alike have responded in typical Noadswood fashion, which has resulted in tiny numbers of pupils needing to borrow items of uniform each day. With the cost of living as it is, we recognize that ensuring school uniform is affordable and that parents are not under pressure to secure expensive items of clothing that pupils like to add to their uniform is vitally important for families. 

We hope that the notice and rationale we provided in our written communications, in person parent forums and individual conversations, the subtle changes we have made to our uniform and our usual inclusive and supportive approach has contributed to reassurance about and then success of this recent focus on standards.  

Addressing uniform concerns at the beginning of the day has been hugely beneficial to our school day; it leaves us freer to focus on the education of our students, with all uniform matters resolved right from the start.  

We have been able to reassure around the initial concerns expressed about students accessing a particular entrance to collect the correct uniform/equipment for the day, as we have shown that the ‘Ready To Learn’ entrance is about supporting not punishing children.  

A forgotten tie or school shoes being left at home, while pupils walk or cycle in trainers, can be dealt with in seconds. We also have the opportunity to monitor the numbers of pupils cycling to school in safety helmets – an absolute imperative from our point of view. We know that a huge proportion of our community have supported us brilliantly this week and the results have made us so proud. 

Well done everyone!