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Curriculum Transition Booklet

17 November, 2014

We all know that the transition from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3 is a crucial time in the development of childrens’ learning and this is why we have created our curriculum transition. The booklet is aimed at primary teachers and has been designed to give you a flavour of how we develop learning at Noadswood, what collaboration we would be keen to be involved in with our local primaries, and some examples of projects we have worked on in recent times. There is also an open request for you to contact Noadswood teachers with ideas for new initiatives for collaborative working.

In the past year a number of staff from Noadswood have teamed up with colleagues from other phases to take part in learning walks from Year R to Year 11. These have been fascinating and, I hope, will lead to some deep and permanent collaboration. We have also worked with some schools to co-construct learning opportunities which place pupils at the heart of the learning process and also provide some invaluable staff development.

If you are a local school interested in transitional learning opportunities please email eddie.rollett@noadswood.hants.sch.uk for a copy of our Curriculum Transition booklet.