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Noadswood Language Leaders inspiring the next generation

14 May, 2015

Over the last few months, groups of Noadswood year 9 students have been planning and conducting lessons on French subjects such as animals, colours and much more. Every couple of weeks a group of 3-4 year 9 students would go over to Orchard or Wildground Schools with the accompaniment of Miss Blurton. There they would be given a group ranging from year 3-6 pupils and play learning based games and try out their leadership skills. From these sessions, they collected feedback and from that feedback they have developed their skills and incorporated them into new lessons. They are now expanding their teaching skills by tackling subjects in German and maybe later on Spanish. Not only does this help the younger children learn but also it expands the year 9 pupil’s French and German vocabulary. The year 9‘s who have taken part, have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and have benefitted greatly.

language leaders 2

By Rachael Dempsey