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Noadswood students shape the school site through Student Voice

9 July, 2015

With 2 new House Captains, Freddie Molyneux and Matilda Millar taking the lead with the student voice group this year many things have been developed. At the first meeting in September the school kitchen staff asked if they could attend and ask pupils about the food and service they provided. They listened and acted on some of the ideas which included an additional serving point in the hall. Also, one of our local estate agents, Hythe and Waterside Lettings, brought along a cheque for £100 which gave the group something to discuss. The firm give £100 to a school of the vendors choice after every sale and any donations to Noadswood are given to the Student Voice group. Ideas ranged from a swimming pool and horse stables to improved toilets and more art work around the school. The idea of a covered seating area was also raised and a suggestion to decorate the pump house on the school field.

At the following meeting, with the help of Sarah Staley our business manager, ideas were put to the group. The pupils decided on their preferred style of canopy and where it should be sited. The canopy has been constructed, just in time to host the year 11 leaver’s day celebrations.

The idea to decorate the pump house with art work was discussed extensively and many thoughts were discussed within tutor groups as well as at the student voice meetings. The idea of remembering the centenary of the start of World War One, alongside historical/inspirational people was the general theme. In the end each house chose a famous figure and a quote and the graffiti artist Nzie (http://www.nzie.co.uk/) has used these ideas to create a mural for each house. The murals looked so good we decided to paint these on outside walls of the school and to dedicate the artwork on the pump house to a WW1 memorial, covering it with poppies. Local plasterer Aaron Bennett kindly offered to plaster the walls as a donation to the school and the student voice funds have paid for the artwork.

The Student Voice have played a huge part in improvements to the school which will benefit Noadswood pupils for many years to come. This follows on from fantastic work by the student voice group of 2013/14 who initiated a dedicated lunch queue for year 7’s and an outside serving point. Their call for more useful outdoor space lead to a huge landscaping project which created an amphitheatre with drama lawn and outdoor classroom space with more seating for lunch and break time.

With the new house captains in place for 2015-16 who knows what new ideas will be generated in order to reflect the ideas from the current pupils at Noadswood.