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Noadswood Remembers

9 November, 2018

Noadswood Pupils have come together to celebrate and remember the lives of soldiers that lost their lives during the Great War. On the 9th of November, Noadswood will be commemorating the day by creating lessons that all have a theme of ‘Thank You’ which coincides with the Royal British Legion. From learning the meaning of the poppy, to war propaganda and writing their own Thank You message to the soldiers, the pupils will embrace all aspects of World War One throughout the day.

Alongside a day dedicated to pupils having bespoke lessons, pupils have created a personalised memorial to these soldiers that will be displayed as a permanent memorial within the school grounds.  54 pupils worked after school to create 100 acrylic poppies that were engraved with the names of 30 soldiers from Hythe that lost their lives during world war one.

Six Noadswood pupils have been invited to a remembrance service at Totton War Memorial on the 9th November with other schools from the Waterside Area. The engraved acrylic poppies will be the contribution to the service and will remain at the War Memorial.

“I really loved to make the poppies. As it came out of the oven it was boiling hot and for me taking it of the plastic moulds was the hardest as it was melted on! I loved seeing it come to life from a plastic sheet to an acrylic poppies!” – Isla Ingram Year 8

“Making the poppies was really fun! To start with we put cut pieces of red acrylic in poppy shapes into an oven. We then took them out and moulded them to make them 3D. After this we bended thin copper rods to make the stalks of the poppies. These were then superglued to the poppies and then a black button with the Noadswood crest was inserted in the middle. What I loved about the poppies is that each of them were unique and that it was a great way to celebrate 100 years of the war.” – Sophie Gasnier Year 8