Build a Book Day

2 April, 2019

Year 5 students from local primary schools were lucky to be visited by famed author, Stewart Ross for ‘Build a Book Day’. Children were spilt into teams of 7, alongside year 10 Noadswood students with the task to plan a story based around the theme of WW1. After some deliberation, pupils decided to have 3 main child protagonists who would be followed on their remarkable journey of evacuation during World War Two. Each team wrote one chapter with prizes  won for the ‘creme de la crème’ title and the most innovative and intriguing chapter written. After a well-deserved lunch, Stewart put together the students work ready to make a publishable book for each school to have which shows off their incredible storytelling skills to friends and family.

It truly was a fantastic day and was great to see so many Year 5’s having a great time using their own imagination! One Orchard Junior student said, “this is so much fun, can we do this every week?” I think this really reflects how much fun they were having and enjoyed being around the author who helped them improve their own ideas.

Year 10 helpers also had a great day supporting their allocated groups and you could tell this by the smiles on their faces as they were helping and answering questions!

After a long, hard planning process throughout the morning and early afternoon, the different groups were given their chapters to write up and many great ideas were put forward.  At the end each table sent two of their young writers to the front to read their interpretation of the chapter allocated to them in front of the whole group.  There was a vote and one piece from each group has been taken away by Stewart to create what will be the Year 5’s very own book about World War Two spies!

By Lois Johnson and Lex Vaughan –Year 10 Helpers