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Macbeth comes to Noadswood

13 May, 2019

We were lucky enough to welcome the Young Shakespeare Company for the second year in a row on Wednesday morning. The company travel nationwide with the task of bringing Shakespeare’s plays to life. They gave a brilliant rendition of Macbeth for our year 11 students. The session started with a workshop in which the actors experimented with the much loved characters and let the students decide how some of the infamous lines should be delivered. They also played the ‘clap game’ which allowed us to explore Lady Macbeth’s internal thoughts and feelings whilst she manipulated her husband, Macbeth.

We are very fortunate to have this group of talented actors perform for us. Shakespeare intended his plays to be watched, not read, and so this is the perfect way for year 11 to revise the plot for their upcoming literature GCSE.  It also allows them to develop their understanding of key characters and why they may behave in a certain manner.

We thoroughly enjoyed the performance and look forward to welcoming them again next year!

Miss West