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Year 8 experience a day in the life of a university student

12 February, 2020

On Tuesday, some Year 8 pupils were able to experience a day in the life of a university student at the University of Southampton. The day began with a lecture from an optoelectronics PhD researcher Andrei Donko who explained the many uses of light. He demonstrated how sound can be transferred to a speaker through a laser beam by showing how, if something blocked the laser beam, the speaker stopped playing music! After he had shown us what he has been studying, he demonstrated how to research a project, something that is very important at university.

Once the lecture finished, we were given a talk on University accommodation which highlighted the many different options- renting a house with friends, halls of residence or living at home- and also explored what you would need to take to university! We then attended a seminar, which is more like a normal lesson at school, and ours was delivered by a historian. We looked at 18th Century dress and why there were differences in the upper-class outfits and working-class outfits and had lots of good discussions about the use of sources in history.

Finally, we were given a tour of the University which included a thorough look around the student union which included squash courts, a rock-climbing wall and a cinema! We also took part in a quiz before heading back to the lecture theatre where we were introduced to UCAS, the website to find out about different university courses. We then boarded the bus and headed back after a busy, informative day.