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Coronavirus Information

13 March, 2020

Dear Parents / Carers,

The senior leadership team have met tonight to talk about contingency planning in the event of any school closures. We are closely monitoring the Government and Public Health England guidance, with the advice currently being that we are in the ‘delay’ phase though schools are to remain open.

The latest advice from Public Health England is found here:  GOV.UK link

As part of our Noadswood specific planning we have looked at a variety of measures we can put into place to mitigate any potential risks for our students, staff and other members of the public who currently use our facilities. Two extremely important and practical steps from Public Health England which we will ensure our community are aware of are:

1.   The importance of regular handwashing (we have ensured we are well supplied at Noadswood with soap and sanitisers)

We would also like to reassure that we continue to have a systematic and methodical cleaning of the

school, especially with ‘touch points of contact’.

We have also taken the decision for some further, sensible practical steps to minimise the risks to our community. Some upcoming events for students will now be rearranged after Easter, with more details to follow. Specifically, the events which will now be rearranged are:

•     All sporting fixtures, with immediate effect (including the gym competition)

•     Options Evening for Year 8 which was scheduled for Monday 23rd March

•     Parent Forum which was scheduled for Tuesday 24th March

•     Year 7 Parents’ Evening which was scheduled for Tuesday 31st March

There are other events and activities which are in the calendar, and for those events which are for a specific group of students we will be reviewing them under the guidance of Public Health England and will contact students and parents in a timely fashion when decisions are made. This information will come via ePraise messages. We have also looked at the school site and how it is used by the community, with lettings being temporarily halted whilst we await further advice.

Finally, it is important that you are made aware of the contingency planning we have put into place should the school close with regard to the students and their education. The senior leadership team have been working closely with team leaders and staff members and we feel we are in a very strong position with measures in place for home learning should we need to put this into place for our students. Should Public Health England inform us of any change to school remaining open, we will pass out all the plans about how these materials are accessed and what help is available.

As with previous advice, if a case of Coronavirus is confirmed with your son/daughter or any immediate family member they have been in contact with, or your son/daughter has a new persistent cough or higher temperature and now needs to self-isolate please email us straight away at health@noadswood.hants.sch.uk which will be constantly monitored and allow us to take advice from Public Health England.

Our thanks for your understanding and we will endeavour to keep you updated as the situation progresses.

David Crowley

Assistant Headteacher