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26th June COVID-19 Update

29 June, 2020

This update discusses:

  • Noadswood’s current educational provision
  • Year 7-10 live lessons: Monday June 29th onwards
  • Updated Government Guidance on Keeping Children Safe from Abuse and Harm
  • Noadswood’s scenario planning for September 2020
  • Free School Meals over the Summer
  • Welcome to Year 6 – check out our website

Our current educational provision:

Thank you very much for all your support with all of the components of our current educational provision that is created with absolute adherence to Government guidance and Public Health England risk management.

We continue to offer our face to face contact with 25% of our Y10 students per day Monday-Thursday in the core subjects of English Maths and Science, as well as small options subject clinics on a Friday and live lessons in options subjects. We are all loving seeing the students again, and their approach to learning is excellent – it’s been a great fortnight.

We also continue to offer our Keyworker provision and provision for those students who require specific support with their educational needs, which now takes in between 20 and 30 young people per day. Again, we are proud of this group – they are a group artificially constructed by these circumstances and we thank those of them that have been with us throughout this whole situation! We also welcome those that have joined more recently – it takes a strong sense of motivation and a positive outlook to rub along as a member of this group, but we absolutely expect these qualities, especially given that it’s not a provision we can offer to everyone.

Year 7-10 Live Lessons: Monday June 29th onwards

As you know, we have maintained our offer of remote learning, including interactive opportunities wherever possible, but we have also gripped the need to provide your sons and daughters in Y7-9 with a timetable of lessons for their week, comprising live learning opportunities via Microsoft Teams, as Y10 have experienced since June 1st.

Mr Hewitt has sent out detailed instructions to all of the students by ePraise, with the Years 7-9 letter here and the Year 10 letter here. Joining the lessons is easy if your child is able to use their school email address and has been able to download Microsoft Teams. There is also a link to a video in the instructions which takes them through what to do, step by step. I strongly urge you to make sure that your child has watched this video and is ready to rock and roll over the weekend, not panicking on Monday morning. Any problems with this set up at all, please don’t hesitate to ePraise one of us, or drop us an email, and we will be able to help sort it all out.

We know it will help your children and you as parents to know that children in Y7 and 8 will only be expected to complete the work during these lessons or explained during these lessons. They won’t need to find their way through a wealth of resources anymore and they will know what time they’re doing their learning in each subject. Optional challenge tasks will be set in some subject areas, but they truly are optional. We trust this will address the worries some students have had about feeling overwhelmed or unable to structure their day. I have spoken to some students about this during this week, who have been pleased and I will do so again towards the end of next week to understand how it has felt in reality.

In Y9 and 10, as one would expect, there is additional learning set to supplement live learning for Y9 and face to face + live learning in Y10.We will publish a table with the approximate amount expected per subject early next week.

We have been grateful to some of you for your input and questions – do keep them coming to headteacher@noadswood.hants.sch.uk or drop a message to any member of the Leadership Team or one of your children’s House Leaders.

Updated Government Guidance on Keeping Children Safe from Abuse and Harm and on Keeping Safe Online:

The Government has updated two sets of guidance this week to support us all in keeping our children safe during this time, when so many more issues can happen over online communication and platforms whilst children are not in full time school. Click on the guidance links below for the detail:



There is some signposting to apps that support children in staying safe online through the BBC called ‘Own it’ and ‘Safe to Net’ that you might be interested in taking a look at.

It also draws your attention to ways to support your child with low mood/self-harm/suicidal thoughts – I think we need to be honest about the fact that some young people are going through some of this, and be as overt with the support signposting as we can, so do have a read.

You’re not on your own – in every family there’s something that’s bothering us or we’re working through right now, and it’s great if we’ve got resources to draw on that may help. I have publicised our wellbeing portal in these updates before and do so again here:

Noadswood Wellbeing Site

We have a wealth of resources there to support pretty much anything a young person might be going through, as well as to give you the comfort of advice from experienced organisations.

Noadswood’s scenario planning for September 2020

Like all schools, we are busy planning for what September will look like in the light of the Government announcement last Tuesday as captured from the BBC website below:

‘All pupils in all year groups in England will go back to school in September’, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has announced.

At the daily coronavirus briefing, he said the government was “signed up… to bring every child back, in every year group, in every school”.

Guidance on safety measures will be published in the next fortnight.

It comes after the prime minister announced a £1bn fund to help England’s pupils catch up with learning.

Mr Williamson also said class size limits – or “bubbles” – imposed to curb the spread of the virus could be increased to (30) to allow every child to return to school.

As you can see, the guidance on this is yet to be published, but we will adhere to it when it comes, and update our risk assessment, that is available for you to read on our website. We will be incredibly excited and ambitious for all your children to come back to us, but all within safe and approved guidance.

We will also prepare for the possibility that not all students can return to site full time at the same time, as a fallback position, that would blend a timetable of online live lessons at home whilst others learn in school, should we have to run any kind of rotation. There will be further information for you about our curriculum, timetable and tutor group planning on Monday July 6th.

In the meantime, should Government announcements change at pace, we would like just to convey to you how we must respond to keep your children and our community safe:

The risk assessment we have is reviewed regularly, and we would do so in the light of any change that’s announcedbefore taking any decisions about opening the site to more students or inviting visitors to come on to site –Government announcements on the radio, TV or social media cannot mean an immediate alteration in schools’ arrangements. Any changes would come after a review of our safe working practice, and you will be advised of this by us.

Free School Meals over the Summer:

I can confirm we will be funding Free School Meals to eligible families during the summer break, in line with the Government guidance and additional funding provided for us to do so, inspired by the brilliant work of footballer, Marcus Rashford:

We are looking into the easiest way to do this, and we will ensure arrangements are made and applications put in by the deadline date for us of Friday July 10th.

Welcome to Year 6 – check out our website.

We have created a Year 6 Welcome site, accessed from our website home page:

Do have a look, even if you have no children joining our Year 7 this September, because the site is packed with videos and activities that may well be of interest to all members of the Noadswood family.

We are making plans to welcome Year 7 at the very end of the summer or the very start of September, before other students return, to make up for what they have missed out on this term, but we hope they and their parents enjoy everything that’s on their special website in the meantime.

In the next update, we will have more for you on:

  • Your child’s curriculum and timetable from September
  • Your child’s tutor group and opportunities to connect with their tutor this term
  • Opportunities during the summer in the local area
  • Uniform requirements in September should we not be fully open
  • Year 11 Results Day

In the meantime, keep questions, concerns and ideas coming – they aren’t complaints, they are ways we learn from you and work with you about how to make all this go even better.

With our thanks for your continued support and phenomenal resilience,

Kathryn Marshall and the Noadswood Leadership Team.