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SEND Support


At Noadswood students and parents will be at the centre of decision making, ensuring a high quality educational experience is planned around the specific needs of the student.

We take pride in addressing students needs in a personalised approach but leading to greater independence for the child.  Efforts will be made to understand and work with a student to solve any wider needs that may emerge during their school journey.

Working in partnership with parents is a key element that Noadswood values.

Some students will have a key worker who will liaise with their student and parents on a regular basis.  This is supervised by the SENCo.

Our team to support your child includes Pastoral Support Managers, Curriculum and Progress Managers, a School Counsellor and LSA Support Assistants.

Who is Who at Noadswood

All our staff are involved and committed to providing education and support for SEND students. If you are concerned about your child please contact one of the staff listed below.

House                 House Leader for Guidance           House Leader for Learning

Anderwood          Liz Hyland                                        Dan Rowling

Deerleap             Tracy Gates                                      Katie Ward

Knightwood         Jane French                                     J P Fenton

Wilverley              Di Ward                                            Katie Rawlinson

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo – Katrina Spence)

Any enquiries about SEND Provision at Noadswood should be made to Katrina Spence.

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