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SEND Fire Procedures


Some SEND students and staff require a Personal Evacuation Plan. A list of students/staff who need these arrangements is attached to the Schools
Emergency Evacuation Plan.

This list makes clear the Evacuation plan and any special considerations that
students have.

Evacuation Plans have been made for the Physiotherapy Room, for ambulant/non-ambulant students on the ground floor (Plan 1) and for ambulant/non-ambulant students on the Upper Floor in the main block. (Plan 2).
Every child/staff member who has a PEEP (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan)
is individually advised on the Evacuation Procedure. All members of Learning Support are advised about this procedure in detail.

All disabled students carry their own PEEP in their planner. A termly review/ refresher is held.

LS Staff are trained to use the Evacuation Chairs.
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