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Buy your school uniform and PE kit from our supplier Skoolkit

Students are expected to wear the school uniform as stated, since this is an outward sign of their acceptance of the ethos and values of the school.

We want our students to feel proud to be part of Noadswood. The wearing of school uniform enables them to identify with the school and to look smart. The school has achieved a high standard in this respect, and we feel sure that parents will wish to cooperate in maintaining it.

Noadswood school uniform can be purchased from Skoolkit (with details at the bottom of this page). If you can purchase exactly the same items from places other than Skoolkit, our chief supplier, you are welcome to do so. They must be exactly the same, of course – we have made great strides with our uniform expectations this year in the name of pride in our school and lots of our head Boy/Girl and house Captain pupils commented on this! If you need to check on any item, please contact your child’s house leaders before making the purchase to be on the safe side – no one needs the hassle of taking something back.

All girls who choose to wear a skirt to school must ensure it matches the school stipulated one. Both boys’ and girls’ trousers must also match the stipulated designs: a choice of styles are available.

The lists below give the recommended Skoolkit codes (as above, items can be purchased elsewhere as long as they match exactly)

Outdoor clothing

(not to be worn inside school during day)

  • Top coat (not denim or hoodie) of suitable style and material (optional)
  • Plain scarf in one of the school colours (optional)

Indoor clothing

(no hoodies or cardigans)

  • Black blazer with school badge
  • Plain white shirt
  • Skoolkit SSK 303 Pleat Skirt with black tights (socks are optional until the first half term of the new academic year, and the school will inform parents/guardians during Summer months if this is again allowed, owing to high temperatures) or
  • Skoolkit plain black trousers (3 styles available for boys and for girls) with socks (plain black or white)
  • Skoolkit plain black shorts (unisex) with socks (plain black or white)
  • Black belt (optional; plain buckle, no more than 3cm wide)
  • School tie
  • Black v-neck sweater (optional)
  • Black shoes with heels of no more than 5cm (no boots, stiletto heels, sandals, trainers or other sports shoes or canvas shoes)

Physical Education

  • School rugby shirt
  • Plain black shorts
  • Knee-length red socks (required by all pupils)
  • House hoodie (optional and for PE and extra-curricular use only)
  • Gum shield (advisory)
  • Shin pads (advisory)
  • Plain white t-shirt or white polo shirt with school badge from Skoolkit – Re-Active Polo Shirt – Years 7, 8 and 9
  • Black polo shirt with school badge from Skoolkit – G920 Unisex PE Polo Shirt – Years 10 and 11
  • White socks
  • Training shoes
  • Football boots
  • No earrings allowed during PE classes (Hampshire directive)


  • Plain black sweat top
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms


No jewellery is allowed, for safety and security reasons, other than:

  • One wrist-watch (optional)
  • One plain stud earring in each ear lobe (optional)

Nose studs and eyebrow studs are forbidden, and any other form of visible body piercing is not permitted. (Please note it is not acceptable to cover inappropriate jewellery or piercings with a plaster)


Suitable length, natural colour (not bleached) and kept tidy; no extensions, tramlines or beadings are allowed.


No make-up or nail varnish.

School Bag

A suitable bag for school is required: these must be big enough for A4 books and textbooks.

Noadswood School uniform can be purchased from the Skoolkit website: www.skoolkit.co.uk or by going to their branch at Unit 1, Totton Shopping Centre, 1 Commercial Rd, Totton, SO40 3BX.
*Please be aware that the Eastleigh store no longer stocks the Noadswood uniform.

When buying items from other suppliers please check carefully that they meet the criteria above as not all items in ‘back to school’ ranges comply with Noadswood uniform regulations.