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The Art Department encourages students to explore, enjoy and develop their creative thinking and artistic skills. This is primarily achieved through Assessment Objectives which offer a wide range of opportunities to experience the rich and varied approaches to making and appreciating art, craft and design. Further opportunities are available in the form of the key stage 3 Art Club led by the pupil Art Leaders and GCSE/B-Tec skills workshops after school.

We believe art is an invaluable experience in a student’s education. It offers them the opportunity to be creative learners and thinkers, to have a sense of individuality and a freedom of expression. This enables the development of self-worth, problem solving and critical thinking skills. Art can also provide a platform for individual learning and is often seen as an enjoyable part of the student’s day.

Key Stage 3

Year 7 & 8

Year 7 and 8 students attend two 60 minute lesson per fortnight. They have the opportunity to experience a range of techniques including painting and drawing, researching art and artists, printmaking and sculpting with clay.

Students learn the basic skills that will help them develop their own creative abilities and enable growth in their enjoyment and appreciation of art, craft and design.

Year 7 & 8 Art & Design is divided into modules (assessment objectives). Each module focuses on a different area of assessment and creative focus. This enables pupils to get to grips with various techniques, process and materials. The AOs are as follows:

Year 7 AO1: Developing drawing skills
Year 7 AO2: Exploring and making with clay
Year 7 AO3: Exploring printmaking
Year 8 AO1: Developing and progressing drawing skills
Year 8 AO2: Developing and progressing printmaking skills
Year 8 AO3: Exploring and making 3D card construction


Year 9

Pupils who have opted to take Art in Year 9 will begin their studies following the same pathway irrespective of whether they are studying GCSE or BTEC. Initially all pupils are taught via phases of “skills workshops” which will enable them to develop and apply the skills and knowledge for their chosen pathways. They will then move on to study a 2D and 3D unit. During their 6 lessons a fortnight, Year 9 pupils explore and investigate the following themes: Drawing, 3D, Abstraction and composition, stenciling and printmaking, and collage.

Key Stage 4

GCSE Art & Design consists of a portfolio of work and an externally set test. The portfolio makes up 60% of the final grade with the test contributing 40%. Students’ portfolios must include more than one extended collection of work or project selected from work undertaken during the candidate’s course of study. The portfolio should show associated work of two or more of the following endorsements: Applied Art, Fine Art, Graphic Communication, Textile Design, Three-Dimensional Design or Photography. Preparation work plays an important role in the development of ideas and the creative process, and contributes to the grade awarded. This allows students to explore and experiment with media, designs and ideas before producing a final piece.

Some pupils follow the BTEC First Art course. This course is more modular and portfolio based and consists of 4 units, one of which is an externally set assessment worth 25% of the overall grade. This Level 2 qualification is equivalent to GCSE Art & Design.

The Art Department uses AQA for its GCSE course and PEARSON for its BTEC First course.