Welcome to the Noadswood Governor’s page – its aim is to provide a small insight into who we are and what we do.  The School is set up as a Charitable Company, which was incorporated on 5 July 2011, and converted to Academy status on 1 August 2011.  The Chairs of the three main committees are the Members of the Charitable Company.

The Charitable Company was incorporated on 5 July 2011, and conversion to Academy status was made on 1 August 2011.


Noadswood School is a company limited by guarantee and an exempt charity. The Charitable Company’s memorandum and articles of association are the primary governing documents of the Academy.

The Governors act as the trustees for the charitable activities of Noadswood School and are also the directors of the Charitable Company for the purposes of company law. The Charitable Company is known as Noadswood School (Company Number 07693860).


The Academy Trust’s principle activity, as set out and defined in its Articles of Association and Funding Agreement is to provide a quality, free education for young people aged between 11 and 16 in the Hythe and Dibden and surrounding areas and additionally to make the school’s facilities available to provide such recreational and leisure activities for the general population of the area as are deemed appropriate and reasonable.

Articles of Association

Funding Agreement

Memorandum of Association

Financial Statement 2018-2019

Financial Statement 2017-2018

Financial Statement 2016-2017

Organisational Structure

The Governing Body of Noadswood School are responsible for the strategic management of the School; deciding and setting key aspects of the School, including strategic direction, annual budgets, senior staff appointments, policy changes etc. Operational management (the day to day running of the School) is devolved to the Headteacher and Staff.  Their activities and decisions are monitored through a small number of Governor Committees into which reports are fed by the Senior Leadership team.

The full Governing Body meets at least five times per school year spread more or less evenly across the school terms. The current Chair is Dr Catherine Langdon (governance information, including members can be found on the site)

Supporting the Full Governing Body are three committees:

These committees meet, typically, twice per term to consider reports from the Senior Leadership Team and the Headteacher.

Policies and Procedures

School policies are developed by senior members of the School’s staff, to reflect both the strategic direction agreed by the Governors and also statutory requirements.  These policies are approved and adopted by the Governing Body, and implemented as procedures and systems by the SLT and other designated members of staff.  You have the right to request a copy of any of these if you so wish, to do so either contact the school, or by visiting our policies page.

Interested in joining the Noadswood School Governors?

You will need to be able to give at least 8 hours each half term for meetings, reading papers, attend training, be able to visit the school from time to time and enjoy the experience.  We all have other commitments be it families, careers or sports and hobbies and consequently there are no hard and fast rules as to how much time you should give up, it’s all down to how much you are able and willing to commit.

Having said this it is expected that governors will attend all Full Governing Body meetings and one of the two Sub Committee meetings. The full Governor Meeting is always held in the evening. The two Sub Committee meetings are held late afternoon or early evening. We have one of each per half term.

We welcome anyone interested in either becoming a future governor or participating in the governance of the school, use the following link to contact us: or contact the Noadswood office staff who will be able to help you.

Being a Governor.... What does it mean?

Plumbers, planners, engineers, secretaries, lawyers, managers, builders, , computer users, sales folks, mums, dads, uncles, grannies, just about everyone who has had real work experience can make a useful contribution as a school Governor.

Governors bring to the table all sorts of expertise, most often in areas not connect directly with formal education, but valuable and fresh insights none-the-less. Specific knowledge Governors may need in their roles is provided by training sessions offered at no cost via training agencies or computer based courses and, of course, by just taking an interest in the work of the Governing Body which inevitably must involve Governors closely in what the school does.

In simplest terms, the board of Governors fulfils the task of holding the Headteacher to account for the school’s performance in all aspects of its affairs. In short, to ensure the school has been, is and will continue to be, well led.

Holding to account does not, however, mean the Governors run the school. The difficult task of running a school requires several types of expertise and the Headteacher leads the team of professional experts that do that job, all day and every day.

As with any business, its operation is complex. Its core task is education, of course, but for that to be effective it is vitally important to get other things right, like recruiting, developing and training of staff; managing finances, safety, security and maintenance of buildings and grounds; computing systems, First Aid, catering, insurance, community liaison, etc., etc.. And to plan for the future, taking account of all the inevitable changes in educational requirements (and they change often!).

Governors manage their business via key committees and specific responsibilities. The main Governing Body meets, like the sub-committees, at least once a term. Sub-committees manage the detail of different aspects like curriculum improvement, pay and performance and the business aspects of finances, maintenance and so on. Some specific roles are assigned to individual Governors or smaller teams. In this way Governors meet and work with the school mangers and staff.

Would you enjoy the role of Governor ? You probably would if you:-

  • Value the importance of education and training for the young people in our community.
  • Want to support at first hand the excellence of our staff and what they do.
  • Have the inclination to contribute some time and your experience to help the school provide the best it can in the education of our young people.
  • Enjoy working in teams and adding your influence.
  • Enjoy constructively challenging how the business works

Is it difficult to get started as a Governor ?

Not really. We are all a little bit shy on joining a new activity. But existing Governors know that and will make you welcome. There are established induction packages that explain the essentials and ensure you are not “dropped in the deep end”.

A Year as a School Governor

I joined the Governors just over a year ago as I wanted to get involved with the school, to help improve the outcomes for all pupils. I also feel it is part of living in a community, volunteering to give something back.

Walking into the meeting the first time was a little daunting but really there was nothing to worry about, the other Governors are a friendly bunch and the trip to the local pub afterwards really helped to break the ice! As a Governor there are numerous aspects of the school you can get involved in. I have joined the resources committee which looks after the infrastructure of the school, health and safety and finances. There is also a school improvement committee which looks at improving the academic outcomes for students.

Over the past year I have visited the school to have a general look around, to see how it was operating on a day to day basis. I have done a health and safety review which is done every August to ensure the school is ready for when the pupils return in September. More recently I volunteered to be on the headteacher panel responsible for recruiting the new headteacher. It was a fantastic opportunity and experience being involved, having an influence over the whole process. I have been on a few training courses, which have proved useful at work as well as for being a Governor - there are loads to choose from!

I am glad I have become a Governor, I have made new friends, learnt new skills, given back to the community and had a great time doing it.

Tammy Newey and PJ Putt