GCSE Changes 2020/2021

Changes to GCSE Examinations

The exams regulator Ofqual has confirmed the changes that will be made to GCSE assessments for 2020/2021

A summary of the changes for Noadswood is below

Art and Design - assessment to be portfolio only

Computer Science - programming project can be undertaken in an unsupervised way

Dance - performance assessment: each student to perform 1 or more dances with a combined duration of at least 1.5 minutes (or 2 minutes as part of a group). Choreography assessment can accept alternative evidence illustrating final piece.

Design and Technology - mock-ups / clear detailed intentions of prototypes accepted with demonstration of using machines/tools/processes.

Drama - live performance statement satisfied through streamed/recorded performance. Devised performance 1.5 minutes or 2 minutes for group with alternative evidence permitted for intended final piece. Text based performance 1.5 minutes or 2 minuted for group with evidence for application of theatrical skills / artistic intentions. Evidence can include complete or unedited audio-visual recording.

English Language - no requirement to submit audio-visual recordings of spoken language assessment (single teacher can be 'audience' and conducted at any time including virtually).

English Literature - choice of topics - minimum core of Shakespeare and 2 of poetry; 19th century novel; fiction / drama from British Isles from 1914.

Food Preparation and Nutrition - removal of NEA1 and NEA2 requiring 2 dishes within 3 hours.

Geography - fieldwork requirement removed and question relating to this in exam removed.

History - choice of content topics beyond a core identified.

Mathematics - no change.

Mathematics (Statistics) - no change.

Media Studies - prototype or mock-up accepted with supporting evidence.

MFL - remove requirement for assessments to use words outside of vocabulary lists and permit glossing where necessary. Spoken language assessment and endorsement reported on a 3-point scale against common criteria. Additional optional questions reducing the themes required in writing.

Music - 1 or more pieces of music with combined 1.5 minutes or 2 minutes if group. No requirement to perform as part of an ensemble and submission of complete and unedited recording of live performance required.

Physical Education - requirement 2 activities (both individual) with remote moderation and relaxation of permitted evidence. *Short course allows 1 activity.

Science (Biology) - required practical work can now be teacher demonstration / observations

Science (Chemistry) - required practical work can now be teacher demonstration / observations

Science (Physics) - required practical work can now be teacher demonstration / observations

Science (Combined) - required practical work can now be teacher demonstration / observations


The Ofqual document can be accessed here (click link).