This page contains the latest published letter for parents and carers, with an achieve or correspondence for parents / carers and students at the bottom.

Mind - Support

Dear Noadswood Community,

Please see the details below of a parent group being delivered by the mental health charity Mind. It's providing some zoom chats for those parents who are caring for young people with a range of mental health issues. You just need to drop them an email to sign up. 

They are also running some sessions for school leaders to work together on how schools can best support students both currently during the pandemic but also when we eventually get to a post-pandemic time. I'll be attending those and working with some other Noadswood colleagues to ensure we continue to provide this vital support.

Wishing you all well,

Helen Loveday


Does a young person you care for under 25 years suffer with Mental Health/Anxiety/Self Harm/ Low Self Esteem/ Low Confidence

Is your young person aged 11+, struggling with mental health?

All Parents/carers please join us for a coffee and an informal chat to meet other people coping with similar issues at home.

Starting in February 2021 on Zoom

We have a first come first served basis up to 20 people.

Find out more by emailing Abby and Emma on:  cyp@solentmind.org.uk


Changes to GCSE Examinations - Update 15/01/2020

Hello Year 11 and Year 11 parents / carers - just to inform you that the consultation documentation has come out today about the GCSE examinations for 2021 - a link is attached below (click link)

GCSE Exams

At a Glance

  • Teachers provide replacement grades for A-levels and GCSEs
  • Evidence could include coursework, essays, tests and homework
  • External tests set by exam boards, but likely to be marked in school
  • Results early July
  • Vocational exams will use teachers' grades, but separate arrangements for practical skills
  • Two-week consultation before any final decision

Key Messages

Again, as before I've tried to summarise the key messages with some new additions however most importantly we are still awaiting further information from the DfE regarding the approach to awarding grades this Summer and will communicate this to you as soon as we know (and the consolation period has finished). The key bit remains:

  1. You are going to be assessed in all your subjects - we don't know how but will let you know as soon as we do
  2. You should continue with every effort in your study of the curriculum and with your revision for the 'upcoming' exams which will take place at some point when we return
  3. It remains vital that you continue to complete all the work set for them as evidence will be required to support the grades awarded.

The biggest change to this is for those students who were going to take a BTEC examination in February (Health and Wellbeing on 05/02/2021). We have been informed by the examinations board that this has been cancelled by the DfE (click link) and Mrs Cacchi will be contacting you specifically if you were due to sit this.

As ever, we will let you know any changes or decisions as soon as we are informed, but as we stand we work to this:


I know it is a really tough time for you all now, and as ever I'm wishing you all my best,







David Crowley

Chromebook tip - 15/01/2021

Students - top tip if you're on a Chromebook and need to split the screen (so one side shows a live lesson and the other shows some work)? Easily done by pressing Alt and the ] button


Update - 12/01/2021

Dear all,

A huge thanks and well done to students and staff alike for the shift back to remote learning and keyworker provision since the start of the lockdown last Wednesday - what a long week it has seemed. There have been so many uplifting moments because of everyone's hard work, your children's resilience and efforts, and all the support you've extended to us through your ePraise messages and emails, whether those have been thank yous and suggestions - all are hugely valuable to me and the team.


First students' letter of their fantastic work, notes for them and pets (of course) will be out on Friday morning, as will an assembly they can watch at their and your leisures. I miss them a lot and it was so good to see those of them in school yesterday, working so hard, plugged in to their online lessons - they are so adaptable and courageous in their efforts, at school or at home, I really don't think that's an overstatement.


Lateral Flow Testing is underway at Noadswood, thanks to the sterling efforts of the leadership team and a group of other awesome colleagues; we have begun our testing of colleagues who are currently accessing the site and now our students who are doing so, as well. 

We will be contacting our volunteers this week to invite them to join us with the administrative/clerical dimension to this work very soon.

I have also been liaising with colleagues at the Local Authority with a view to us joining a programme for saliva testing, which, if you're in the know about these things, you'll realise could be a real benefit for us in terms of logistics, a less invasive test and a higher level of reliability according to those working so hard in these fields. 


As part of our commitment to keeping our fantastic Noadswood community as close as we can be, while apart, we will be making a call to your child, as an individual, this week.

Therefore, there will be no live lessons delivered during Periods 1-3 on Thursday, with pre-recorded/Oak Academy or similar made available instead, that can be accessed at other times.

This is so that the majority of our staff team, mostly our tutors, can call your child to touch base without interfering with the live lessons.

House Leaders and other members of our pastoral and learning support teams will also be making some of the calls. 

Some support staff colleagues and part time colleagues will need to make these calls at other times, owing to their work patterns, so please tell your child not to worry if they need to miss a few minutes of a lesson at a time other than Thursday morning to have this chat. 

We have to keep in mind how we would arrange to chat to a child during a lesson when one is needed, without worrying too much about loss of curriculum minutes - relationships and looking after each other are as key to us all as learning, aren't they?

We hope these calls go well - we know, however, that not all students relish a phone call with an adult, even one they know and trust, so please say to your child that tutors and other colleagues will be very mindful of this, and at our nurturing best as we check in.

There will be more to follow soon regarding the pastoral connections we will be making to support and nurture your children during this lockdown, once these 1:1 catch ups are done this week. 


Please keep questions, comments and thoughts coming our way at any time. You can reach out to me or any member of the staff team via ePraise or whose email address you have, depending on the nature of what you'd like to say. Below, just a reminder of the email addresses we check all the time, and will respond ourselves or cascade on to the right people promptly as required: 





Wishing you all the very best,







Kathryn Marshall and the Noadswood Leadership Team



Dear Noadswood Community,
Please see a message from Cath Langdon - our chair of governors:

We are writing to you regarding the School Governing Body. We need new recruits! New guidance means that the whole body is being restructured, and as such it needs new blood. No prior experience of governance is required!
Why should you do this? This is an opportunity for you to put something back into the School and local community, and help get the very best for Noadswood school. It’s an opportunity for you to make a real difference.
What would the work entail? Briefly – the work would involve attendance at (virtual for now) meetings once or twice a term, and you may be assigned to specific committees around your interests. 

For further details please see our governors page for more information (click link) and/or contact David Crowley via ePraise for further information.
We look forward to hearing from some of you,

Dr Catherine Langdon