Synopsis of Study

Year 11 – Media


In Year 11, we build on from and consolidate their understanding of the set texts studied in Year 9 and Year 10 of this course. This course has three distinct components. Two Examinations and one non examination assessment (NEA). The NEA is completed in Year 10. This followed a brief to create a magazine front cover, and double page spread, for a film or music magazine. For Component One of the exam, the students need to study six print media set texts for Section A and for Section B the students must also study: gaming, Fornite, film and radio, Spectre, The Man with the Golden Gun and The Archers. For Component Two the students must study two sitcoms and three music videos. The focus of the components is to allow the students to demonstrate an understanding of: Media Language, Representation, Media Industries and Media Audiences. It is preferable that the students understand and apply a number of media theories through their responses too. The main theories they need to know are: uses and gratification, Propp's narrative theory, the male gaze and Barthes' Action & Enigma codes.



Throughout this term it is revision all the way. This will be bespoke to individual groups.