Summer Term I

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians,

Noadswood will be back at its best once again from tomorrow: positive, courageous, seeing opportunities in all changes and challenges, and excited for the summer weather! 

This page has some key logistical details for the term ahead...

  • Dates
  • Home Testing + Covid-19
  • Logistics - Timings / One Way / Social
  • Year 11 Specific (Assessment 2021)
  • Reports


19/042021 - Summer I return

27/04/2021 - Year 8 Virtual Options Event

03/05/2021 - May Bank Holiday

06/05/2021 - Parent and Leadership team risk management review group (6.30pm virtual)

10/05/2021 - Year 11 Grade Range (Assessment 2021) Released

11/05/2021 - Year 11 Assessment 2021 Virtual Tutor Evening

18/05/2021 - Years 7 and 8 parent forum (6.30pm virtual)

20/05/2021 - Years 9 and 10 parent forum (6.30pm virtual)

28/05/2021 - Year 11 Grade Range II (Assessment 2021) Released + Reports

28/05/2021 - Last Day


You can also book a Zoom coffee with the Headteacher on the following dates:

  • Monday 24th May, Tuesday 25th May and Wednesday 26th May (20 min AM slots between 10.30am - 11.30am)
  • Monday 24th May, Tuesday 25th May and Thursday 27th May (20 min PM slots between 4.00pm - 5.30pm)

If you would like to book a Zoom chat with the Headteacher, please complete the form below (click link)


Home Testing

Please continue with your home testing kits – you’ll be expected to carry out two tests a week (one Wednesday evening and one Sunday evening).

Home Testing
Home Testing


Report your result here (click link) and let know if it is positive:




To aid with the testing, the NHS have provided some visual and video guides:


We were so pleased with how everyone conducted themselves with the Covid-19 requirements, including face masks and sanitising regularly. Please continue to do so into the new term. 

Staggered Starts

As we did previously, the school day is staggered in terms of start and end time as well as the entry gate for your year


One Way System

The one way system was used so brilliantly by everyone and we will continue to use it

One Way

Social Times

The marquees were a real success and well done everyone for looking after them so well. These spaces continue, as well as hopefully the use of the field during good weather. As before, you will not be allowed to be in the school buildings during break or lunch time and along with this there is a no food policy inside the buildings. This is to make the learning environment as pleasant as possible whilst keeping as Covid secure as we can. This excludes coming into the building to use the toilet or accessing Safe Haven via the issued pass (including food being allowed here) / the LRC when available for Year 11 (food cannot be taken into the LRC).



Like with the previous zone setup, we want to avoid year group mixing as much as possible. As such, the separate toilet areas remain in place


Year 11

Year 11 - this is your main assessment window between 19/04/2021 - 28/05/2021. Do visit our specific GCSE Assessment 2021 page for more information, guidance and support (click link):

Assessment 2021


As we mentioned last term, we have decided to change the release dates slightly to ensure that the information we give you, including the academic progress, is as beneficial as possible whilst allowing our staff the opportunity to really re-engage your child and gather the appropriate formative and summative assessment to be able to comment on their current academic progress. The reports issued will vary, with Year 11 having "grade range" academic data released to help support them in their main assessment window. As such, our timeline is listed below:

Year 11 - will be receiving updates about their progress and likely assessment range from teaching staff now, and will receive two grade range certificates, like we have previously mentioned, on Monday May 10th 2021 and Friday May 28th 2021. There will also be a tutor event on Tuesday May 11th 2021 to go through the first grade range assessment certificate. More information about this can be found on our GCSE support page (click link).

Years 1098 and 7 will receive a slightly amended report a few weeks after the Easter return which will include information about their current effort in each subject as well as how they have settled back into Noadswood. They will then subsequently receive their normal end of year report as usual in July, along with tutor comments and a summary of how they are doing both academically and in a pastoral sense.


Wishing you all our very best,








Kathryn Marshall and the Noadswood Leadership Team