Year 11 - Leavers 2021

Dear Year 11 - a quick update to the leaving arrangements for 2021 including the last official day in May, extra assessment requests for some students in June, leavers day in June and the optional masterclasses starting in June to support your next steps in specific subjects. There is also some information about the "signing out" process...


Key Timeline

  • Thursday 20/05/2021 - study leave begins (come in late / leave early but remain attending lessons with assessments)
  • Friday 28/05/2021 - final day of assessment window including final grade range given to students (virtually, via ePraise)
  • Wednesday 23/06/2021 - leavers day
  • * Monday 31/05/2021 until Wednesday 09/06/2021 - further assessment opportunity where required
  • * Monday 07/06/2021 until Friday 09/07/2021 - masterclasses (optional)
  • Thursday 12/08/2021 - results day

Key Events

Firstly, your last day official is Friday 28th May 2021 - and the final GCSE grade range for the assessments will also be released to you on this day, via ePraise like the first grade range was (on 10/05/2021). You are not necessarily expected to attend this day if you do not have assessments but this is the time they potentially go up until.

May 28


Then, on Wednesday 23rd June 2021 you'll return to Noadswood for your leavers day celebration - we will update you all a little closer to the time about when to arrive. You won't need to wear uniform, but you will need to bring your shirt so you can get it signed in the traditional way! House Leaders are in the process of organising what is always a fantastic event, with some specific details below:

  • Arrival time and venue to be confirmed shortly
  • You'll have an opportunity to see all of Year 11 and your teachers and get your shirts signed (bring a pen!)
  • You don't need to wear uniform - just bring your shirt
  • If you've got old uniform we would really welcome any donations for those families in need. If you can bring any uniform you no longer need which is in good condition and washed in a carrier bag we will have a drop-off area
  • Finish time will be confirmed shortly
June 23

We should also have some more details about leavers hoodies and year book which we can pass to you at this point. 

Assessments in June

If you've missed any assessments, or we feel we need some more evidence to aid with grading (or perhaps you want further opportunity to prove the grade you could have achieved) then we will invite students back to Noadswood at specific times between Monday 31/05/2021 up until Wednesday 09/06/2021 to complete anything required. We will be in touch specifically with you if we believe you need to attend this, and if you're unhappy with the final grade range suggested to you via the grade range certificate.

Assessment 2021


From Monday 07/06/2021 our optional masterclasses to support your next steps in specific subjects will begin. There will be a sign up sheet (electronic) for you to identify which masterclass subjects you would like to attend. We will then inform you of when these sessions will run (likely an hour of any given subject per week). These will run until Friday 09/07/2021 and we will pass more details about these towards the end of May.


Signing Out

There will be our usual "signing out" process where we will need to collect any text books which you have been supplied along with ensuring that all library loans are up-to-date. There will be more details about this process via your tutors and House Leaders.


Thanks to all those students who completed the form about what you would like your prom to be like. Mrs Loveday and the House Leaders are working hard for all of the logistics for this, and will pass more details about it as soon as we can.


Results Day 

Results Day is a little earlier this year - Thursday 12/08/2021. We will be in touch with more details about this closer to the time, but it is likely that we will be open from around 10.00am for you to collect your results from the Drama Studio. Again, more details about this will come a little closer to the time via ePraise, parental / guardian emails and social media.