Year 11 - Study Leave

Dear Year 11,

We've spoken at length about how we can support you in the last few weeks of your assessment window and, along with the masterclasses and enrichment opportunities which we've lined up after May 28th, we also think that we can change the school day a little for you from next Wednesday. This page will outline some of the optional changes that will begin - you should note that the school will remain open to you all, for all your normal lessons including tutor time if you wish. This said, next Wednesday (19/05/2021) will be the last 'full school day' in the sense of start and end times.

From next Thursday (20/05/2021) some optional changes will occur for Year 11 - Mr Hewitt will hold an assembly on Monday during Lesson 2 / Lesson 4 to inform you of this (you'll attend, based on your English class).


Key Changes

Next Wednesday (19/05/2021) is your last full day of school (normal start and end times)

Next Thursday (20/05/2021) you can begin your staggered days:

  • You must continue to go to your lessons which still have assessments (you need to go to every timetabled lesson in that subject until the last assessment is complete)
  • You can sign in late / sign out early - you'll do this by the daily sign in/out sheet which is located outside reception. You must do this
  • You can't sign in / out multiple times - you can only sign in once and out once (so coming in late / leaving early not coming in, leaving, coming back etc...)
  • If you are signing in / out you need to be considerate to the local community - you shouldn't be hanging around in the woods / outside Tesco!

You may wish to continue with your normal school day - you'll be welcome to do so, and each subject will still have a subject specialist to aid you, even if all assessments have been completed. This can be a fantastic opportunity for some extra enrichment within the subject.


ePraise (within documents) will be updated daily as subjects become completed. This will show you not only the assessments you've got still, but will also make it a simplified way to see what subjects you should still attend. We will also inform you via a central message which subjects are now complete.


*Remember, if you've missed assessments you'll be expected to catch these up within the subject time / after school. If these remain missed, you will be expected to return in June (and ultimately, continuation of missing the assessments could impact your overall grade in that subject).

Leavers day remains the same - Wednesday 23rd June 2021. For a reminder of these details, including masterclasses and prom, please click below:

June 23

Finally, if anyone still needs support with their post-16 choices and would like to speak with Mr Lewis, please email / ePraise to request an appointment and remember to tell him which days you will be in school.